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The One Type Of Butter
The Amish
Never Serve
You may assume that Amish baked goods or recipes taste so good simply because of the ingredients they use. However, there’s a secret go-to Amish cooking tip that you might want to incorporate into your own kitchen — steering clear of plain butter in most situations.
Although Amish butter is some of the best you’ve tasted, it's typically slow-churned and made in small batches, with cows that are often pasture-raised. Moreover, many brands create Amish butter with a butterfat percentage that's on par with some of the best European butter on the market.
Since the flavor of butter can get lost, consider opting for flavored butter — for savory dishes and bakery goods, try swapping plain butter for herb butter, and opt for grape or apple butter for sweet treats. The Pioneer Woman has six compound butter recipes, including smoked paprika and rosemary butter for proteins and grilled vegetables to orange honey butter for toast.