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The One Thing Fast-Food Employees Wish Customers Would Stop Doing
From the bad hours to cleaning the bathrooms to multi-tasking during rush hour, working at a fast-food joint is anything but easy. However, of all the drawbacks, one of the worst things that employees have to deal with is annoying customers.
Using the bathrooms without buying anything or stealing soda from the machines are some of the many irksome acts that fast-food employees just can't stand, but, surprisingly, there’s one particular thing that irritates them the most. It is indecisive customers.
Rodney Aeria, a former cashier at a fast-food giant, noted in an interview, "Customers who don't decide on what they want before it's their turn and hold up others behind them can be annoying for cashiers." Aeria added that this is frustrating for the staff as well as those in the back of the line.