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The One Food The Office's Brian Baumgartner Will Never
Eat Again
One of the most hilarious scenes in “The Office” is Brian Baumgartner's goofy and lovable character Kevin spilling his chili all over the office floor. However, there’s another food from the show that Brian Baumgartner actually refuses to eat again.
In Season 1 Episode 4, Michael Scott insists on a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake for Meredith’s birthday party to boost the office morale. Brian Baumgartner recalls that the party scene took five painful days to film, and every time the camera panned around to his character, he had to eat copious amounts of that very green cake.
It’s no surprise that Baumgartner won’t be going near mint chocolate chip ice cream cake again, and he isn’t alone in disliking the dessert. Jenna Fischer and Mindy Kaling — who played Pam and Kelly, respectively — got sick from eating too much of that cake.