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The One Canned Seafood You Should Avoid Eating Straight Out Of The Tin
While most types of canned seafood are cooked before they go into the can, that’s not the case for canned oysters. Canned or jarred oysters can come smoked, boiled, or even raw.
Fresh oysters are often eaten raw, but the canned ones do not taste the same as the ones that have just been shucked. However, canned oysters are not necessarily dangerous to eat.
That said, it's probably still better to save canned oysters for cooking. To be on the safe side, be sure to check the label in case they aren't intended to be eaten from the can.
Canned smoked oysters go great with crackers, and can also be blended with cream cheese and sour cream to make a dip for potato chips or crudites.
Plain canned oysters, whether boiled or raw, are excellent for countless recipes. Pretty much anything you can do with fresh oysters can be done with canned ones.