Apple crumble with ice cream

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The One Baked Good You Should Never Put In The Freezer
When it comes to freezing desserts, there are some rules you need to follow. Cookie dough and freezers are a match made in heaven, and quick bread like zucchini or banana bread freeze well if they’re wrapped tightly in plastic and a freezer bag, but there are other desserts that have no place in the freezer.
Baked goods and savory dishes with crumb toppings are not a freezer's friend, as the sensitive crumb toppings can't withstand the cold, moist interior of the freezer. Once the toppings are frozen, they will invariably turn to a mushy mess once defrosted — but there is one clever way to freeze these dishes.
You can successfully freeze a crumb topping baked good by deconstructing it beforehand. In other words, you can pre-make a berry crumble with everything except the crumble topping, pop it into the freezer once it’s cooled, and cook the crumble separately to add after your treat has defrosted.