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The New McDonald’s McFlurry Flavor Is The Ultimate Dessert
There are lots of reasons to love McDonald’s, from their burgers and fries to their chicken nuggets and limited-edition Happy Meal toys, and this summer, the fast-food chain is releasing a new addition to their McFlurry lineup that’s sure to have your mouth watering. We just hope their ice cream machines are up to the task.
McDonald’s introduced the McFlurry to their menu in the late ‘90s, and the treat quickly rose to cult-favorite status, partly due to the sheer number of limited-edition flavors offered. The newest concoction to join the McFlurry family is the Crème Brulée McFlurry which features the creamy caramelized and custardy taste of crème brulée that is sure to satisfy, but there’s a catch.
Unfortunately for McDonald’s fans in the United States, the Crème Brulée McFlurry is only available at Australian McDonald’s, but there’s still hope. The Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry, which was once only available in Canada, eventually made its way onto U.S. menus, so there's a chance this frozen treat could also migrate to America.