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Costco Just Dropped The Best News About Its Hot Dog And Soda Combo
Costco isn't always the easiest store to navigate, especially when you show up on the busiest days to shop at the warehouse. However, the miniature cookie skillet sets Instagram user @costcohotfinds recently spotted might be just the thing to make shoppers brave the crowds for their holiday gift shopping.
According to the Instagrammer, each kit comes boxed in festive packaging that contains a mini cast iron skillet and a package of Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie mix. The kits are sold in packs of four for $19.99, though it seems that some people plan on keeping the sets for themselves.
In response to @costcohotfinds' post, user @liz__sz1 commented, "Omg, I'm gifting this to myself," and another said, "I would purchase it just for the mini cast iron skillets." Users also discussed other possibilities, like "This would make a great hostess gift," while others suggested giving them to colleagues or teachers.