EDGEWOOD, MD - DECEMBER 28:  A shopper arrives at an Aldi discount grocery store on December 28, 2017 in Edgewood, Maryland. Aldi, which has approximtely 1,700 stores across the USA, will receive fresh competition from its also German rival Lidl, which is launching its first US stores this year on the East Coast.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

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The Limited-Time Treat Aldi Shoppers Wish Would Return For Good
In Aldi's annual polling of its customers for 2022, shoppers showed their love for Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Take and Bake Deli Pizza, as well as other items like Specially Selected Ravioli and Simply Nature White Cheddar Puffs. However, an item that didn't make it to the 2022 fan-favorite list has gotten a ringing endorsement on Reddit.
In early 2022, u/ragingestrogen started a thread on the r/aldi subreddit featuring a Creamy Coconut & Chopped Almonds variety of Aldi's Sundae Shoppe Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit Bars. The user wrote, "they need to make this a permanent item. I had this two years ago and never thought they would bring it back!"
The comments on the thread concurred with u/ragingestrogen's assessment, with one user pointing out that the fruit bars also come in banana and strawberry varieties. Due to warmer temperatures, it made sense for Aldi to bring these frozen bars back for the summer, but at this point, there's no guarantee that Aldi will be re-introducing these fruit bars for summer 2023 or beyond.