Fried eggs and bacon on a wooden plate


The Kitchen Tool That Makes Superb Fried Eggs A Breeze
For perfect, foolproof fried eggs, ditch your skillet and use a metal ladle instead. A heat-proof metal ladle will get hot enough to cook the egg while also holding it in place.
To fry an egg in a metal ladle, warm the ladle directly over the stovetop, add a fat, let it melt, and pour in the egg. Then, hold the ladle steadily until the egg is fully cooked.
It’s crucial to keep a few things in mind when using this method. For example, skimming the fat can cause eggs to stick to the ladle, keeping you from achieving the desired flavor.
While this hack might be a bit challenging to perform on an electric stove as opposed to a gas stove's flame, it can be used to fry eggs over a grill with proper safety measures.
Frying an egg with a ladle exposes your hand to the heat for the entire cooking process. Consider using grill gloves, especially if your ladle doesn’t have a heat-resistant handle.