Can of tuna with open lid


The Kind Of Canned Tuna You May Want To Skip At The Grocery Store
Many comfort dishes rely on canned tuna, but there are some varieties of canned tuna that are healthier than others and it all comes down to the mercury content.
Light canned tuna has the lowest mercury content and is considered a “Best Choice” fish by the FDA. Yellowfin tuna and canned albacore (white tuna) are “Good Choices.”
On the other hand, bigeye tuna is best avoided because it has the highest levels of mercury. If you have kids or are pregnant, it’s best to opt for light tuna.
Mercury levels vary depending on the size and lifespan of different tuna species. It is a naturally occurring element, but pollution can increase mercury in bodies of water.
Mercury never goes away and accumulates in the body of the consumer. So, the larger the fish is, the more mercury it likely contains, but most canned tuna is safe for many people.
For people who need to be more careful about how much mercury they ingest, light canned tuna also happens to be the most affordable option.