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The Keystone Light Mascot You Probably Forgot Existed
Some years back, Keystone Light introduced a mascot — Keith Stone — who’s laidback smoothness was meant to personify the smooth and light taste of their beverage. While you may remember Keith Stone, you might not remember the mascot Keystone had for one of their other labels.
In 2020, Keystone Light launched a fruity beer called Keylightful — a mix of lime and raspberry flavors blended into the eponymous original. Keylightful debuted its own brand mascot — a French bulldog named Lil' Breezy Keezy — who was plastered on all Keylightful products.
The dog sported sunglasses, a blue party shirt, and was into “tail-gating, dog day afternoons, and keeping updated on pup-ular culture,” per Brewbound. However, as Keylightful was discontinued only a year after its launch, no one remembers that the French bulldog mascot even existed.