A person holding a frozen pizza.

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The Hole-Punch Method For Crunchier Frozen Pizza Crust
Frozen pizza can be tasty, but the excess water in a frozen pizza can lead to it not heating up as quickly as homemade or restaurant-quality pizza, potentially resulting in a soggy, softer crust. The issue here is the steam factor, and the hole-punch method is something you can utilize to resolve that problem and adjust the texture.
Turn your pizza over while it’s still wrapped in the plastic and remove the plastic from the back of the pizza only. Next, you’ll have to use a fork or paring knife to punch holes in the crust — spoons likely won't get the job done here.
This step will vent the crust so the steam can be released into the heavens, giving you a more satisfying, crunchier, and crispier bite. This method can help with thicker pan-style crusts, but you should skip this step for thinner-crust ones.