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The Foolproof Technique For Moist Cake Every Time
There are many ways to add moisture to your cake recipes, like using cake flour instead of all-purpose flour and adding things like sour cream and oil. Baking can be a very exact science that takes precision, and luckily, there’s one foolproof technique to bring moistness to any kind of cake.
According to Epicurious, the best way to keep your cakes from being too dry is with a cake soak — a technique that involves brushing cake layers with some kind of flavor-packed liquid. For example, you could use a coffee soak, an orange syrup, a coconut soak, or anything that you feel pairs well with your cake.
This technique not only adds moistness to your cake, but also delivers another burst of flavor, and can allow your cake to taste fresh for days longer than usual. Even professionals use this technique, like at Milk Bar, whose cult classic birthday cake recipe involves a simple soak of milk and vanilla extract to amp up the moisture in the cake layers.