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The Fast Food Restaurant With the Worst Fish According to 27% of People

Recently, MegaMenu surveyed over 600 U.S. residents about which fast food chain had the worst fish. Unsurprisingly, Long John Silver’s got the fewest number of votes (7.59%), with Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s close behind (8.42%).

The Best Fish?

The bronze medal for disappointing fish went to White Castle, with 16.17% of the vote. The voters seem to think that the chain should stick to their beef sliders, with one YouTuber calling their fish slider “a smaller version of the Filet-O-Fish.”

3rd Place

The runner-up in the poll, with 17% of the vote, was Burger King’s Big Fish, which comes on a brioche bun with pickles and tartar sauce. However, one reviewer said the pickles and sauce were overpowering, adding that the fish “didn’t do much of anything.”

2nd Place

The undeniable “winner” of the poll, with 27.56% of the vote, was McDonald’s classic Filet-O-Fish. In fact, Food Network’s Carlos Ruiz said he could not identify what kind of fish it was, and even suggested that the fish was so bad it “volunteered to be caught.”

1st Place

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