Ice Cube looking to the side


The Fast Food Burger Ice Cube States Is The GOAT
Everyone has a favorite fast food burger, even rapper Ice Cube. In a recent episode of the YouTube series “Snacked,” he revealed to comedian Seth Rogen what his was.
Ice Cube revealed to Rogen, “The ultimate burger in California is the Fatburger.” Over the course of his career, he has left not-so-subtle hints about Fatburger in lyrics and film.
Fatburger started as a simple burger stand in 1947 and evolved into a national chain. The portions come worthy of their names because they can be very large.
The medium patty weighs ⅓ pounds, the large weighs ½ pound, the XXL weighs 1 pound, and the XXXL weighs an unreal 1.5 pounds. That excludes the additional toppings and bread.
Ice Cube loves the Kingburger (the large) and likes it made with mayo, a little mustard, an egg, and topped with chili. It does lack vegetables, but it sounds like an epic burger.