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The DIY In-N-Out Fries Employees Don't Want You To Order
In-N-Out Burger is well-known not just for its regular menu, but for its secret, customisable one, too. Reddit user robo_avo_2point0 posted a photo of what they call "Road Kill Style" fries mixed in with a chopped-up burger patty, cheese, onions, and In-N-Out's spread — which probably tasted good, but did not look appetizing at all.
As it turns out, even In-N-Out employees say they don't want to make it, with one employee commenting, "For those uninformed, this is a fan-made item and not a real item that is a part of our menu. Please don't try ordering it as we can't make it for you." "Plz don't post photos like this or people are going to try and order it," wrote another.
While some thought the creation looked good, the general consensus was that it's gross-looking, as one Redditor commented, “Ok this looks delicious.... AND absolutely disgusting at the same time." So, don't expect to be able to order "Road Kill Style" fries unless you're willing to make the fan-made In-N-Out creation yourself.