Shepherd's pie in round dish


The Distinction Between Shepherd's And Cottage Pie Is In The Filling
Shepherd's pie and cottage pie are both meat-filed, casserole-like dishes topped with megamenu potatoes. Their key difference is that they contain two different kinds of meat.
Shepherd’s pie is filled with lamb, while cottage pie is filled with ground beef. Shepherd’s pie commonly includes peas, carrots, and onions with rosemary and thyme.
Shepherd's pie originated in Scotland, but the version most people are familiar with comes from Ireland. The most common recipe for the pie comes from a cookbook published in 1877.
Cottage pie is very similar to shepherd’s pie, but the former contains beef instead of lamb. It originated from 18-century British cookbooks, which included boiled potatoes.
Unlike shepherd's pie, cottage pies include additional ingredients like beef broth and Worcestershire sauce. While both have carrots and onions, cottage pie lacks peas.