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The Disappointing Reason An Aldi Store Has No Steaks On Its Shelves

Shoplifting has become widespread during the pandemic — not for high-end gadgets but for necessities. A 2019 report by the U.K.-based Center for Retail Research shows that packaged meat, coffee, and cheese are some of the most frequently stolen foods.

Like many stores, grocery giant Aldi has added extra security to prevent shoplifting. A recent TikTok video by @315brittany showed an empty steak shelf at an Aldi location with a sign explaining that the steaks had to be put away due to theft.

TikTok user @akrippa predicted a dismal-sounding future in their comment, "Soon it's all going to be in vending machines or online order only." Another viral TikTok shows a package of steak at a Walmart that is locked up with a security tag on it.