MADRID, SPAIN - NOVEMBER 2021: Burger King home delivery motorcycles on November 21, 2021 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Cristina Arias/Cover/Getty Images)

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The Creepy Burger King Commercial That Left Reddit Disturbed
A recent Burger King commercial greatly disturbed viewers because of its creepy nature — in fact, the video might be the creepiest commercial you’ve seen in a while. The scene from the ad is as follows: a man sits down in an office break room, opens a Burger King burger wrapper, and then leaves to get a drink from the vending machine.
This is where things start getting creepy. Unknown to him, there’s another man sitting behind him, who licks his lips, flicking his tongue in palpable anticipation as he stares at the other man's lunch. Suddenly, the man drops down onto the floor, moving his body like a snake, gliding across the linoleum floor while energetic pop music plays.
The man wiggles his way to the unattended burger, before grotesquely unhinging his jaw to fit the enormous burger entirely into his mouth. As the first man finally notices his burger has been stolen, the snake-man stands up and — before launching into impromptu kung-fu moves — announces, “Burger King Triple Whopper! Eat like a snake!”
The commercial surprised Redditors on r/Unexpected, simply because no one expected that from a BK commercial. While some were confused as to what exactly the commercial meant, others claimed to know the “snake-man's” identity as Ilram Choi, a stuntman who performed in movies like “Spider-Man” and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,” per IMDB.