A Costco Wholesale store in West Palm Beach, Florida. Costco is a combined department store and supermarket that sells in bulk and requires a club membership to shop. Customers are visible going in and out  of the store entrances.


The Coupon Loophole That Helps You Conserve More Money At Costco
Costco’s manufacturer coupon policy prevents customers from conventional coupon stacking, but there is a way around this. You can save money with their price adjustment policy.
If you buy something and notice the price decreases within 30 days, Costco will reimburse you. If it’s an online purchase, you can fill out a form requesting the adjustment.
You can also save more money by waiting for their online-only sales. Pair this with a credit card that rewards online purchases or a rebate app like Ibotta for even more savings.
Costco has furniture sales along with their Black Friday sales. If you buy something within 30 days of the sale, you could get some cash back with their price adjustment policy.