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The Costco Steak Redditors Are Calling Their Favorite

The deli section of the grocery store is more complicated than it looks, and without the proper research, you can end up buying a subpar cut of steak for a much-too-high price. Luckily, Redditors are informing fellow netizens about a delicious and affordable cut of beef that can be found at your local Costco.

On the r/Costco subreddit, user LambdaBoyX posted a snapshot of $5.99 picanha steaks at their local Costco. Picanha is also known as top sirloin cap meat or rump cap, and while it's not commonly sold in U.S. grocery stores, the cut is hugely popular in Brazil, according to steakhouse Texas de Brazil.

u/LambdaBoyX's post opened up discussion amongst fellow shoppers, including plenty of advice on how to prepare picanha. "My suggestion is either reverse sear the whole roast or steak and grill. Sous vide also an option," wrote one commenter; another user concurred, writing, "+1 for reverse sear, preferably via smoker."

As previously stated, picanha is rare in the United States, and one Redditor lamented, "I dont get picanhas at any of my local Costcos." However, another user replied, "Have you asked the meat department employees? I have great luck at certain locations" — so if you can't find this steak on display, asking a Costco worker can't hurt.