Woman hand holding homemade croissant.

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The Costco Croissant Hack You Never Knew To Use
Michelle Lopez's Instagram page is full of food suggestions for anyone who is ready to improve their eating game. One trick she's shared is how to keep bulk-bought croissants from stores like Costco moist enough to eat, instead of having to throw them away because they’ve gone stale too quickly.
Ms. Lopez created an Instagram post suggesting that people "slice leftover croissants crosswise" — which means cutting them the long way from end to end. She says you then "stuff them in [a] freezer safe baggie", freeze them, and that, "You can freeze [them] for up to three months."
When you're ready to eat your croissants, pop the halves into a toaster oven, and heat them to your desired brownness. The croissants will end up with a crispy texture that's ideal for spreading butters and jams, providing a satisfying crunch when eaten, as well as fewer trips to the store, and less food waste.