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The Chipotle Steak Bowl That Left Reddit Disgusted
Back in 2020, Chipotle had to shell out $25 million after more than 1,100 people became sick from foodborne illnesses shortly after eating its food. Although the chain bounced back and made the necessary changes, a complaint made in June 2022 on Reddit caused yet another scandal.
A Redditor took to the platform on June 15, 2022, to complain about the piece of meat they found in their Chipotle steak bowl. The post read, “What in the world. This was the 'steak' I got in my steak bowl the other day,” and featured a photo of what appeared to be a small, brown lump.
Many commenters voiced their surprise that no employee saw the odd piece of food, while a Redditor that works as a griller at Chipotle said they were "saddened" by the discovery. Another Redditor lamented that this is a common occurrence at Chipotle, which is why they “stopped getting the steak.”