stuffed french toast casserole in a white dish


The Brilliant Way To Turn Baguettes Into A Sweet Breakfast For A Crowd
Making a delicious breakfast for a crowd can be hard, but there’s one easy dish that can feed, and impress, multiple people: stuffed French toast casserole.
French toast casserole is easy to make with just a few quality ingredients. First, cut a baguette into slices about one inch thick, then transfer them into a casserole pan.
The stuffing is where you can get creative. For a basic start, whip Italian mascarpone with powdered sugar, then add blueberries and scoop the mixture between the baguette slices.
In classic French toast fashion, whip up an egg and milk mixture. Next, stir in some vanilla and cinnamon and pour the egg mixture over the baguette pieces.
Then, cover the pan with plastic wrap and keep it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, pop it in the oven, and once it’s set and cooked, sprinkle powdered sugar and berries on top.