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The Big Problem Aldi Shoppers Have With Its Clancy's Chip Bags

Everyone loves potato chips, and Aldi-exclusive Clancy’s has ranked as the number one favorite potato chip brand in a Taste of Home blind taste test. While it sounds like Clancy's meets all of the standard chip criteria, one thing keeps them from being the perfect snack for couch potatoes.

In a recent Reddit post, user DinoReads shared a picture of a Clancy's chip bag ripped nearly all the way down the side. The chip’s packaging is pretty delicate, and tearing a Clancy’s bag open with your bare hands might not be ideal.

Food packaging consultant Aaron Brody says chip bags are made of a plastic called oriented propylene that provides a moisture barrier. As one Reddit user replied in the post, it is best to “cut open all of the bags like this with scissors” to prevent the huge rip.

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