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The Best Type Of Fat To Prevent Your Eggs From Sticking To The Pan
Despite their popularity, eggs have a habit of being annoying to cook as they insist on gluing themselves permanently to the bottom of the pan. Whether you're trying to quickly fry an egg sunny-side up or create the perfect omelette, there is a useful fat you can use that will spare you this dilemma.
Foods such as eggs, meat, and cheese commonly stick to pans due to the proteins they contain, which form complex bonds with the metal when heated. Clarified butter, however, stops those bonds from forming, and is made by gently heating butter, resulting in a pure yellow liquid that has had its milk removed.
As well as stopping eggs from sticking to the pan, clarified butter has an increased resistance to heat and a higher smoking threshold, making it effective at cooking eggs to high temperatures. Even better, according to a 2016 study published in Food Chemistry, the use of clarified butter also results in healthier cooked eggs.