Deviled eggs on a plate with spinach


The Best Deviled Egg Storage Container Is Already In Your Fridge
Deviled eggs are a summertime staple, but sometimes you might have too many on your hands. This will make it difficult to transport, however, there’s an easy hack to use.
There are platters designed for deviled eggs, but the average household doesn’t have one. Instead, reach for an egg carton since the small indentations will keep them in place.
Styrofoam and paper egg cartons should never be reused due to the risk of bacteria, so steer clear of those. The CDC says salmonella is the primary concern with eggshells.
A plastic reusable egg carton can be easily cleaned before being used as a tray. Luckily, per Healthline, a simple cleaning solution of distilled white vinegar can kill salmonella.
If you don’t have a plastic egg carton on hand, there are other options you might have. You can use an ice cube tray or a muffin tin, since both can keep the eggs in place.