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The Aldi Candy Shoppers Are Comparing
To Reese's
The German brand Aldi is known for its wide selection of generic brands, including an array of chocolate products that customers absolutely rave about. There is one chocolate product in particular, however, that many shoppers have been comparing to one of the best-selling candies of all time.
A Redditor recently posted a photo of Choceur milk chocolate peanut butter cups on the Aldi subreddit with the ironic caption, “Do NOT buy this!! You’ve been warned!!!!” The “warning” was that users won't be able to stop eating these delicious candies, and several users joined to praise these delicacies that they thought were as irresistible as Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
One user wrote, “After eating these we can no longer eat Reese's,” to which someone replied, “i agree, reese's taste like garbage compare to them.” The Aldi reviewer bloggers also showed their admiration for the candies, saying, “The chocolate outer coating has just the right blend of sweetness [...] The peanut butter is creamy, smooth, and just the right amount of saltiness.”