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The 2022 Starbucks Holiday Cup Lineup Is Finally Here
Nothing signals the start of the holiday season like the Starbucks reusable red cup — which has become iconic over the years. While the coffee chain hasn’t divulged what the red cups are going to look like yet, they have released the lineup for their sturdy, reusable holiday cold cups and tumblers for 2022.
The first is the Bling Cold Cup in two high-shine, metallic colors — gold and sangria — with a dimpled texture, like a sheet of rhinestones, retailing at $29.95. The popular Jeweled Cold Cups are back and in three new iridescent jewel tones — white, merlot, and azure — retailing at $22.95, up $3 from last year's lineup.
Though the cold cups look like ornaments themselves, there are also actual cold cup tree ornaments available. The miniature versions of the Bling cup ornaments retail at $14.95, and the Jewel cup ornaments retail at $12.95 — setting you back a bit more than half the cost of the actual cups.
Also in this year's holiday cup lineup is the Color Changing Hot Cup Set — similar to the summer color-changing cold cups, however, these cups change colors when hot liquid is poured into them. Three options are available for this product — a Mint Poinsettia Tumbler, a Light Pink Lace Cup, and an Enchanted Forest Cup.