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The $2 Walmart Eggs That Have Customers Dazed And Confused
The price of eggs increasing by 60% in 2022 has caused a lot of tension, but thankfully, the internet is a funny place that can help us laugh when things don’t go as planned. While the prices of eggs everywhere remain sky-high, Walmart has significantly dropped the rate of its eggs, and the internet is already on it with jokes.
News outlet LEX 18 shared a Facebook photo of the egg selection at a Harrodsburg Walmart where the price had dropped from $6.03 to $2 a carton, and one witty user commented, "Does it include the eggs? Or is it just the cardboard?" Another quipped, "I just got a carton! I may have spent $502 for airfare but it's the principle."
Some people seemed skeptical or confused, like one commenter who wondered, "How come the price of eggs went up but not the price of chicken? ... I think something is a fowl. And I don't mean the chicken." While one shopper argued that Walmart could have kept the price low the whole time, others suggested the store was selling old eggs.