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Take Your Potato Salad To The
Next Level, According To Bobby Flay

No outdoor party is complete without a big bowl of potato salad — there's just something about the mixture that pairs so well with grilled meats. Food Network’s Bobby Flay has multiple potato salad recipes, but he recommends the same simple tip for both of them.

Flay’s Southwestern style potato salad uses a classic combination of mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, scallions, and extra flavor from lime juice, chipotle pepper puree, and cilantro. He also has a German potato salad recipe that dresses the warm potatoes in cider vinegar, mustard, and oil.

Flay recommends tossing your potatoes in the dressing of choice, whether you've gone with a creamy mayo-based version or a lighter vinaigrette, while they're still warm. This apparently helps those starchy superstars absorb the dressing a little bit better, as The Kitchn explains, and will allow you to level up the overall flavor in your dish.