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Subway Stopped Serving Chicken Breast, And You Didn't Even Notice
Chicken breast might not be your go-to protein preference when eating at Subway, but as of 2022, it’s not even available on the menu. In 2017, a DNA test exposed the chicken breast as allegedly containing just 50% chicken, and while the chain refuted this, customers started to notice that the chicken breast sub was gradually disappearing across the nation.
Redditors first observed its slow disappearance back in 2021, although some Subway locations still had the chicken breast at the time. Some commenters on the October 2021 thread titled "Did subway remove oven roasted chicken breast?" said that their local restaurant stopped serving it completely.
Since then, chicken breasts have been phased out from more locations, and more Redditors have discussed the absence of the item at their nearest stores. Subway hasn’t released an official statement addressing this change, but with the chain introducing new food items and promotions, some classics — like the chicken breast — might see their way out.