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Should You Store Hard-Boiled Eggs With Or Without The Shell?
Knowing how to properly store your hard-boiled eggs is just as important as preparing them, because if not stored right, spoiled eggs can cause food poisoning. Per the FDA, cooked eggs can be stored for up to one week in a refrigerator, and left out after cooking for a maximum of two hours.
According to experts, the best practice is to keep the shell on your hard-boiled eggs until they're ready to be eaten or to be used in a dish. The shell provides a protective layer against bacteria, as well as other foods in your fridge that could affect the overall taste of your eggs.
When prepping cooked eggs for a dish, wait until your hard-boiled eggs are three to four days old before peeling and using them, as older cooked eggs peel much more easily. Once you add cooked eggs to a recipe, the FDA suggests using the prepared dish within three to four days.