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Should You Really Refrigerate Bread?

There are mixed recommendations as to how bread should be stored — some keep it in the pantry, others put it in the freezer after buying it, and others still store it in the refrigerator. While the first two methods are fine, putting bread in the refrigerator can actually ruin it quicker.

Per Kimberly Baker, Clemson University's Extensions Food Programs and Safety director, "The loss of moisture will cause the bread to become dry, tough, and give the bread a stale flavor." She explains that this moisture loss occurs due to starches recrystallizing in below-40 temperatures.

The best way to keep bread as flavorful as possible is to store it on the kitchen counter or in the pantry. Additionally, although cold temperatures aren't great, freezing temperatures are fine, especially if a store-bought loaf is about to expire. Frozen bread, Baker says, should be used within six months.