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Red Lobster Is All-Out Roasting Olive Garden's Pasta Deal On Twitter

Darden Restaurants, which once owned Red lobster, now lists Olive Garden as a member of its portfolio. Darden sold Red Lobster back in 2014 for $2.1 billion, and the seafood chain must still be bitter because a fun social media campaign designed by Red Lobster is now targeting Olive Garden.

The chains have been competing with their respective endless shrimp and pasta promotions running through November 2022. In early October 2022, Red Lobster tweeted, "When you're here, your family...gets to have #EndlessShrimp with their endless pasta," taking a jab at Olive Garden's now defunct, long-running ad campaign’s tagline, "When You're Here, You're Family."

Later, when Red Lobster commented on Olive Garden's Twitter announcement about the return of the never-ending pasta bowl, saying, "Oh look, never-ending flour, eggs, and water. Some restaurants just don't have the meatballs to do ENDLESS right #EndlessShrimp," one pro-Olive Garden commenter chimed in with, "You sure talking a lot of smack now that you're out of the house."