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Ranking McDonald's Breakfast Items From Worst To Best
16. Sausage Burrito
Biting into a McDonald’s burrito gives you the strangest mix of flavors, as it consists of more than 40 ingredients. There’s egg, sausage, chiles, and a lot of black pepper, while at the same time you’re chewing on soft, runny eggs, truly creating a lackluster experience.
15. Chicken McGriddles
It seems too much black pepper is never a good idea, and McDonald's did just that with their Chicken McGriddles. The first bite of your McGriddles with a McChicken patty in the middle tastes delicious, but then the black pepper from the patty hits, and things are downhill from there.
14. Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit
The best way to describe this breakfast sandwich is — very dry. The biscuit is buttered and fluffy, but the massive folded egg overtakes the sandwich, and paired with just two thin bacon slices, the item really doesn’t have much going for it.
13. Triple Stack Biscuit
McDonald’s new triple stack biscuit truly is a behemoth of a sandwich that serves up 890 calories, 65 grams of fat, and 2,080 milligrams of sodium. Fitting the multiple layers and two thick biscuits into your mouth is a frustrating task, not to mention the explosion of salt.
12. Bacon, Egg & Cheese Bagel
This McDonald's breakfast menu option is a great concept, but the execution misses the mark just slightly. The bagel is rather large, doesn’t taste great, and it’s really lacking in toppings — there just isn't enough bacon or egg to make this sandwich the complete package.