Studio shot of cake icing


Ranking Grocery Store Sheet Cakes From Worst To Best
14. Meijer
Meijer's marble cake with vanilla buttercream looks nice and is only $27.99 for a quarter sheet, but it lacks any joie de vivre. Rank this one as reliable over desirable.
13. Ingles Markets
Ingles Markets is a go-to brand for themed cakes. They’re a good deal at $25.98 for a quarter sheet cake, but the flavor and texture aren’t anything special.
12. Walmart
Walmart has a large selection of sheet cakes, and the best is their triple chocolate cake made with Hershey's icing. Sadly, it still only features a plain sponge.
11. Safeway
Safeway’s sponge cakes have simple designs and cost less than $30 for a quarter sheet. They have a bit too much icing, but otherwise, they are definite crowd-pleasers.
10. Albertsons
Albertsons has a splendid range of sheet cakes, and their ice cream cake is perfect for dairy lovers. However, it's just a little too rich to please all tastes.