slices of bread from a bread loaf


Ranking Grocery Store Sandwich Bread From Worst To Best
Wonder Bread
Despite its soft texture, Wonder Bread has one of the longest ingredient lists seen on grocery store bread and is full of additives and unheard-of ingredients.
Sara Lee Whole Wheat
This bread has additives like DATEM, soybean oil, and preservatives. Some complain that the slices are dry and merely a cheap wheat sandwich bread.
Sara Lee Classic White
Made from enriched wheat flour and additives like DATEM and preservatives, this bread is praised for its soft texture, but be aware of the additives.
Great Value Honey Wheat
This Great Value bread isn’t 100% whole wheat as it has dough conditioners. High fructose corn syrup is absent, but it still contains numerous additives.
Great Value White Bread
This cheap bread includes dough conditioners and preservatives; some claim it’s small and flavorless. Others, however, find it satisfactory for sandwiches.