Various brands of frozen individual chick pot pie


Ranking Frozen Chicken Pot Pies From Worst To Best
12. Marie Callender's
Not only is Marie Callender's cauliflower crust, not a gluten-free product, but it cooks into a tasteless mess, cracking open and oozing blandness.
11. Banquet
There’s not much broccoli in this Banquet pie, and the pieces you find are flavorless. Also, the mechanically separated meat comes from a chicken roll.
10. Banquet
The Banquet chicken pot pie is cheaper and smaller than most. Usually, it lacks in presentation, but the chicken chunks are larger than other budget options.
9. Marie Callender's
This pie has so much cheese that it oozes out at every opportunity. Depending on your current craving, that could be a good or bad thing.
8. Swanson
Swanson rates slightly higher than Banquet as they use ground chicken instead of mechanically separated meat. This may be why it has lower sodium, cholesterol, and carbs.