Grid of Buzzballz on blue


Ranking Every Buzzballz Flavor According To Customers
15. PeachBallz
The PeachBallz Buzzballz has a sinister over-roasted peach aftertaste, and we couldn't finish a single ball of the peachy flavor before reaching for a glass of water.
14. Strawberry 'Rita
This drink’s strawberry flavor is intense and candy-like. A little less strawberry and a little more lime would go a long way in balancing the flavors.
13. Ruby Red Grapefruit
We weren’t able to find this flavor, but it seems to be a sweeter take on a typical Greyhound. It may be good if you’re into grapefruit-forward cocktails.
12. Watermelon Smash
This drink’s watermelon flavor tastes surprisingly natural, but this doesn't hide the strong bite. It is best blended into another drink to mellow it out.
11. Espresso Martini
This is the newest BuzzBallz flavor, and TikTok-er Sashiesashh says that the drink is smooth and has a boldly roasted coffee flavor and noticeable sweetness.