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Ranking Costco's Kirkland Brand Snacks From Worst To Best
Dried Blueberries
The bland, slightly sweet, and chemical taste is disappointing, making bulk purchases unappealing; opt for dried mango and cherries instead.
These very dry, grainy peanuts have a strong flavor, requiring lots of liquids to wash them down. Peanuts are easier to munch when mixed with other items, like dried fruit.
Trail Mix
This impersonal trail mix has nuts, raisins, and two types of M&M's. Opt for a customizable trail mix with ingredients you enjoy, like dates, dried cherries, and more.
Costco’s partnership with Kettle results in a 2-pound bag of thicker, crunchier potato chips; however, eating them in handfuls may risk injuring gums or the mouth's roof.
Granola Bars
Kirkland granola bars have high-quality chocolate chips and a soft, gooey texture. They're mess-free and a convenient snack, but some report a chemical taste.