Mozzarella sticks on plate


Ranking Chain Restaurant Mozzarella Sticks From Worst To Best
14. Red Lobster
Red Lobster serves its Mozzarella Cheesesticks with a side of basic marinara sauce, and one TripAdvisor reviewer loves them because of the light breading.
Unfortunately, many people disagree and dislike the appetizer. One of the most common gripes is that there isn't enough cheese, and some users also dislike the marinara sauce.
13. Burger King
Burger King’s mozzarella sticks boast a nice, crispy exterior, but a YouTube reviewer notes they have zero cheese pull. Many consider the snack a skip.
12. Olive Garden
Olive Garden’s Fried Mozzarella features a generous block of cheese wrapped in thick, well-seasoned breading. It has received mixed reviews on social media.
One YouTube reviewer felt the cheese-to-breading ratio was lacking, while another got a crave-worthy cheese pull, implying the consistency varies greatly.
11. Culver's
A Snitch'd reviewer scored Culver’s fried cheddar cheese curds 75/100, explaining that the lightly crunchy exterior complements the cheesy interior.
However, many diehard cheese curd fans claim these aren't necessarily the most authentic way to enjoy Wisconsin's signature snack, so some purists may not like them.
10. Chili's
Chili’s Fried Mozzarella comes in thick chunks; some like their higher cheese-to-breading ratio. However, many prefer the Crispy Cheddar Bites Chili's used to offer.