Golden brown roasted artisan turkey sausages in a baking tray, Newport, Wales, 2010


Ranking Breakfast Sausage Brands From Worst To Best
15. Butterball Turkey
Butterball All Natural Fresh Turkey Sausage smells gamey, cooks mushy and foamy, and lacks seasoning, making it taste more like a turkey burger than sausage.
14. Bob Evans Original
Bob Evans' Original Pork Sausage Patties lack seasoning, feel pasty, and are excessively soft. Their limp flavor and texture resemble sliced hot dogs.
13. Smithfield Hot Roll
We tried the Smithfield Hot Roll spicy sausages; they were well-seasoned and tasted great. However, the texture was gristly and lacked bounce.
12. Farmland Original
This casing-free pork sausage link is extremely greasy and tastes like lard but is tender and mostly free from gristle. However, they're very rich.
11. Lightlife Gimme Lean
The Lightlife was our least favorite of the plant-based sausages we tried. It looked better once cooked, but the taste left something to be desired.