three different pies


Ranking 22 Pies From Marie Callender From Worst To Best
Cream Cheese Pie
The cream cheese’s texture is off-putting and it doesn’t pair well with the sour cream topping. The sour cream and cream cheese go to war in your mouth.
Custard Pie
The custard is super silky but not anywhere near as sweet as you want it; instead, you get an overwhelming taste of vanilla and nutmeg.
Cherry Pie
The tart cherries in the pie don't deliver the expected juicy, tart sensation, and contrary to the online photo, the pie lacks an abundance of fruit filling.
Pumpkin Pie
The pie is creamy, but it lacks the pumpkin flavor. There are simply not enough spices in it to make you go back for another bite.
Lemon Cream Cheese
The lemon lacks tartness, and although there's a lot of cream cheese, it's bland. Enhancing the cream cheese flavor and adding more lemon would improve the pie.