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Rachael Ray's Simple 2-Step Hack Cuts Onions In A Snap

Chopping things is one of the most time-consuming tasks in cooking, but cutting an onion is one of the most painful things to do. Celebrity chef Rachel Ray recently took to Instagram to help out her viewers with an easy hack to cut onions perfectly every time.

In her Instagram Reel, Ray shows viewers how to quickly slice up an onion in two simple steps. First, Ray recommends keeping the root intact so the onion doesn’t fall apart when you slice it. After you’ve finished slicing, cut off the root end for your perfectly cut slices of onion.

Many people have been raving about the chopping hack, calling it a “Million dollar lesson” and a “game changer.” The blogger from A Couple Cooks also added a suggestion to cut parallel to the root for quicker cutting. Unfortunately, though, there’s still no hack to prevent the onion tears.

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