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Popular Chocolate Chip Brands Ranked Worst To Best
With Lily’s commitment to remove refined sugar from the products, there is no sugar added to the chips to provide the expected sweetness. To reduce the natural bitterness of cocoa, Lily's uses stevia as its sugar alternative, and some people are more sensitive to the bitter stevia aftertaste than others.
Enjoy Life
There are only three ingredients to the Enjoy Life chocolate chips: cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, and cocoa butter. The chocolate chips themselves have a crumbly texture that makes them almost chalky and are also incredibly sweet.
The chocolate morsels of Nestlé Semi-Sweet Morsels contain added ingredients such as soy lecithin, milk fat, and "natural flavors." which results in a smooth chocolate chip, but one that is sweeter than anything else. They don't have an overtly chocolatey flavor but are bland, with the primary flavor being sugar.
First of all, the NatTivo chocolate chips are very expensive, with an 8-ounce bag at Walmart being priced at $11.99, as of 2022. Instead of sugar, the chips contain allulose sweetener, which can be good for people on a diet, but the extremely high price is a major deterrent.
Whole Foods 365
Despite the emulsifiers and added fats, Whole Foods 365 chocolate chips still come out chalky. The semi-sweet in particular is not very flavorful and is a bit on the crumbly side and lacks the chocolate punch we crave.