Portrait of a young man eat a pizza in hand.


Pizza Bundt Cake Is The Savory Monkey Bread Spin You Should Try
Everyone loves the sweet, caramelized pull-apart treat that is monkey bread, but for an appetizer at your next dinner party, a savory pizza bundt cake is a fun take on this dish.
Pizza bundt cake can be made in a bundt pan or a tube pan. For the dough, you can actually turn canned biscuits into no-knead monkey bread to save time.
As with traditional monkey bread, cut the dough into little bite-sized chunks then mix it with pizza sauce, garlic butter, and your favorite pizza toppings before baking.
The result is a savory-pull apart pizza bundt cake with a soft and gooey texture and many crispy toasted cheese bits at the edges, too.
Comments under one TikTok video sharing how to make pizza monkey bread included one user calling it a "legendary mega meal," while another called it "genius."
Try experimenting with a savory white pizza monkey bread with ricotta, spinach, mozzarella, and garlic, or one tossed with alfredo sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, and grilled chicken.