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Parents Are Stocking Up On A Fan-Favorite Frozen Costco Treat

Summer is almost here, and with warm weather comes frozen delights such as ice cream, shakes, and frozen pops. Costco is giving fans a delightful treat this summer with its new freezer pop.

Deebee's Organic Super Fruit Freezies come in various fruit flavors, and each pop has just 6 grams of fruit sugar — all natural from fruit puree and juice. Additionally, each freezer pop contains just 25 calories.

Costco_DoesItAgain shared this find on Instagram, and it gained lots of positive reviews, with one user saying their kids loved them. The item is not listed on Costco's website, nor does the post indicate a price, but one commenter said they bought the same pops at Walmart, where a 10-pack costs $3.98.