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Panda Express Mushroom Chicken: What To Know Before Ordering
Panda Express’ Mushroom Chicken has traditional Chinese roots, and per Omnivore's Cookbook, the original version of the dish has “bone-in skin-on chicken [...] then braised in a soy-based sauce with dried shiitake mushrooms.” However, the chain’s website doesn't specify what types of mushrooms are used in the dish, but they don't look like shiitake, according to the picture.
Although the dish is known to have a tangy flavor, some might argue that Mushroom Chicken is nothing special. “Thrillist” describes it as “drowned in sauce and loses any semblance of texture.” while Timmy’s Takeout says that it “does not have flavor” and adds that you can tell the chicken is covered in sauce, but the sauce “tastes like nothing.”
The item comes with one side and two or three entrees, costing either $7.80 or $9.30, but you can also order it as a bowl, which costs $6.30 and includes one side and one entree. However, the item can be ordered a la carte, and a small will cost $4.20, a medium will be $7.50, and a large will total $10.20.
Mushroom Chicken is regarded as one of the chain's healthier options with 12 grams of protein and 170 calories per serving and also contains mushrooms and zucchini, a great vitamin B6 source that regulates glucose. The meal gets its protein from the chicken ingredient, but the dish has a high amount of sodium, with 840 milligrams per serving.
Panda Express’ Mushroom Chicken is known for being a lighter option, which is why it goes well with a lot of the chain's bolder options. For example, @feastonthese on TikTok enjoyed the Mushroom Chicken on a plate alongside the Sesame Chicken, whereas @vsgkt on TikTok stated that she paired the protein source with power greens, a medley of vegetables.