Spice jars on shelves


Never Reuse These 13 Things In Your Kitchen
Non-Stick Cookware
When non-stick cookware becomes scratched, it creates tiny crevices where bacteria can thrive, and flecks of the coating can come loose and mix with your food.
Dish Sponge
Sponges become breeding grounds for bacteria, with studies revealing that they can harbor more germs than a toilet, including bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella.
Chipped Crockery
You might think that a small crack or chip in your favorite bowl, plate, or mug is nothing to worry about, but bacteria can lurk, and the sharp edges risk injuries.
Herbs And Spices
Herbs and spices that are past their best will lose both taste and potency, become hard or clumpy, and can become breeding grounds for bacteria and mold.
Olive Oil
Storing olive oil past its expiry date can cause a decline in flavor and quality. Over time, exposure to air, light, and heat causes the oil to oxidize and become rancid.